Transcending Barriers


Since 2016, we’ve been joining with local partners to develop musical projects that focus on Transcending Barriers by building mutual understanding, respect and friendships.


Join Us Aboard The Peace Train from October 9-12, 2020


We’ll come from all across the USA to convene in San Diego, California;  walk peacefully across the border into Mexico; join with our Mexican partners and board The Peace Train to travel along the northern border of Mexico used by many asylum seekers; and give a concert in the local community.


Transcending Barriers projects:


In the Border Region between the USA and Mexico


In Rural and Urban communities across the USA


In Cuba and Latin America


In South Africa


Ever since the August 2015 release of When Voices Meet, the award-winning documentary film about The Peace Train, we’ve received impassioned requests from throughout the USA and around the world. The film has inspired people to re-examine the issues currently dividing people, and to do something constructive about improving human relations and social justice.


In response to all the requests, we have been organizing projects, workshops and concerts in many communities across the USA, in the border region between the USA and Mexico, in Cuba, South Africa and elsewhere worldwide.  We hope you’ll join us or attend an event when The Peace Train arrives in your community on the next leg of this historic movement.


Transcending Barriers – 2020


Our work seems more critical than ever. Throughout 2020, we’ll be in communities throughout the USA as well as conducting a special project in the border region between California and Mexico.


On Indigenous Peoples Weekend, October 9-12, people from across the USA will convene in San Diego, California; walk across the border into Mexico; participate in workshops with youth and families there; board The Peace Train to ride along the northern border of Mexico used by many asylum seekers; and give a concert in the local community.




Transcending Barriers to Cuba – 2019


We’re taking 100 singers from the USA, South Africa and Mexico to perform at the International Festival of Choirs in Santiago de Cuba. In Cuba, we’ll be training a 100-voice children’s choir plus and orchestra, band and dance group. We’ll all combine for a grande performance at the festival on November 1st.




The Peace Train’s Transcending Barriers Project Across the Border – 2018


After months of rehearsals and preparations on both sides of the USA/Mexico border, The Peace Train led the way for promoting understanding, respect and friendship with a binational Transcending Barriers project in July. People of all ages boarded The Peace Train San Diego Trolley for a ride to the border at San Ysidro and then marched across the border where we were met by hundreds of young singers and their families from our partner organization, Promotora de las Bellas Artes. Together, we paraded through the streets of Tijuana, Mexico to CECUT, the gorgeous Cultural Center of Tijuana. After some friendship-building workshops and a rehearsal, the combined group performed at CECUT as TV cameras and reporters covered the event for both sides of the border.




The Peace Train project in Northern California – 2017


Over 100 youth and musicians from all diverse backgrounds sang and paraded through the East Bay area of California in May 2017. This project of The Peace Train focused on the hopes and rights of all children, especially those from Latina, African American, migrant and immigrant families. Students, teachers and families from Sacramento, San Pablo, Oakland and Berkeley traveled on the BART for this project and gave concerts at schools, train stations and public parks to make their voices heard.  The singers and musicians of La Pena Community Chorus joined The Peace Train’s band for this special event.




The Peace Train Across America – 2016


The 2016 tour featured a diverse group of 140 youth & adult singers from all across America, backed up by the Grammy-nominated band of Sharon Katz & The Peace Train. Additional singers of all ages joined the performances when The Peace Train arrived in each city.


Along its journey, The Peace Train picked up performers from coast-to-coast as well as out to Hawai’i in the Pacific Ocean and Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean. Special guest Nonhlanhla Wanda, who co-founded The Peace Train in South Africa with Sharon Katz, also joined for the US tour.


The East Coast leg of The Peace Train’s journey included stops in New York City, Liberty State Park, Jersey City, Trenton, World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC with a culminating performance at the Washington Monument on July 17 followed by a celebration of our mentor, Nelson Mandela, at the South African Embassy in DC.




We hope you’ll consider “getting onboard” for next legs of the tour!


Although the tours are primarily for youthful choirs/singers, we also welcome families and people of all ages who want to help sing, chaperone the youth, provide meals, help with publicity or assist with the tour  logistics.


For more info or to help with future projects, please contact us:


LIVE on TV: The Peace Train Tour had one message: Peace and Unity. Sharon Katz and Wendy Quick joined NBC 10’s Vai Sikahema to discuss how the tour started in South Africa, and is now making its way across America to spread its message.  Please click here to see the broadcast on WCAU-TV in Philadelphia.


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In these challenging times of divisive rhetoric and racial strife, The Peace Train uses music, dance, art, workshops and community events to bring together people from diverse backgrounds. 

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